The name COMEX originates from  the word comet (from the Latin cometes and the Greek kometes) with its coma, a celestial body revolving around the sun, which envelops everything and everyone with its warmth.

It has been chosen to identify an italian company that makes fireside accessories. An X has been hadded as a tribute to Brixia, the Roman name of Brescia.

Brescia, which lies at the foot of Alps, has been the benchmark of metallurgical arts since time immemorial and boasts master craftsmen skilled in the ancient art form of metalworking.

When the Romans granted the inhabitants of the Brescian valleys Roman citizenship, they gave recognition to their expertise and conveyed to the whole empire the values of a craft that is truly unique. And this region is still renowed alla over the world for the fine weapons and solid tools made here by expert hands.

COMEX Production was established in 1974 by the Affò family, and was the first workshop in the area to make brass accessories for fireplaces and stoves.

The production range was gradually refined over the years and now, in addition to brass items, features an extensive collection of accessories made of stainless steel, painted metal, leather and glass. The founders passed on their know-how and skills and the company toady produces its own collection of exclusive custom accessories, including firedogs, log baskets and braziers.